Family needing help… Darling Downs

Our Darling Downs family have now spread the word about their situation and are happy for me to post details about them and where they are from – Darren and Tanya are from Oakey, they have 2 children 12months and 4.5 yrs old, during May Darren was feeling unwell, intially he was given antibiotics for a sinus infection, then he started getting a purple rash allover his body, after several trips to hospital for tests and then to the doctors on Monday for further invesitgation they still were no wiser to the reason for Darren’s illness. Tuesday morning the the 4th June while casually going about her morning housework, Tanya recieved a phone call from her Doctor ordering Tanya to call an Ambulance immediately and have Darren admitted immediately. He was then transferred from the Toowoomba hospital later that day to Brisbane it was then confirmed that Darren has AML (a type of cancer that affects the blood and bone marrow. AML is characterised by an overproduction of immature white blood cells, called myeloblasts or leukaemic blasts. These cells crowd the bone marrow, preventing it from making normal blood cells. They can also spill out into the blood stream and circulate around the body. Due to their immaturity they are unable to function properly to prevent or fight infection. Inadequate numbers of red cells and platelets being made by the marrow cause anaemia, and easy bleeding and/or bruising.).
Darren and Tanya are now expected to stay in Brisbane for a minimum of 6 months……. Click here to read more



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