Refugee future plans under the Coalition. I say yes!

Refugee future plans under the Coalition. I say yes!

I have to say that I agree on the plans for boat people. Many do not realise it is not people who need it being hit with this, but an effort to stop the many deaths from people smuggling. You need asylum then do it the right way. This is about refugees not asylum seekers.

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Refugees to be denied permanent residency under Coalition plan to ‘determine who comes here’

Updated 1 hour 10 minutes ago

Tony Abbott declared that “this is our country and we determine who comes here” as he unveiled sweeping plans to fast-track the deportation of failed asylum seekers.

Last month the Coalition announced its so-called Operation Sovereign Borders plan, which is aimed at preventing new asylum seeker arrivals.

Today Mr Abbott and his immigration spokesman Scott Morrison revealed their proposals to deal with the backlog of cases yet to be processed by the Government.

Under the Coalition’s policy, around 30,000 people currently waiting for their refugee claims to be finalised in Australia would be denied permanent residency.

Those who are deemed to be refugees would instead be placed on temporary protection visas (TPVs), while those whose claims are rejected would be denied the right to appeal.

Revealing details of the plan, the Opposition Leader said he believed the proposals would reduce the number of boats trying to reach Australia to three per year by the end of his first term.

TPVs were a feature of the Howard government’s asylum policy and Mr Abbott referenced the former prime minister’s own words during his announcement today.

“The key to our position here, it’s been a strong and consistent position for 10 years now, is that people who come illegally by boat will not be granted permanent residency,” Mr Abbott said.

This is our country and we determine who comes here. That was the position under the last Coalition government, that will be the position under any future Coalition government.

Tony Abbott


“People who come here illegally by boat will get temporary protection visas.


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