A bikie responds to the new laws on association as introduced by the Premier, Campbell Newman.

I can understand where this man is coming from to think that the government is throwing so much money into a campaign against Bikies, when the legislation doesn’t even name bikies.

No the legislation has been left open so that it can be used to target anyone in the future, be it political rivals, protesters, car clubs, sports clubs and any business.


making it worse it that you have to prove that your group or associates have not, are not, or did not commit a crime. It gives police the power to arrest on suspicion that you might commit a crime.  You are guilty and that is that.


How many teenagers and children in the coming years are going to be caught up in this mess in the future?

Wrong place, wrong time could well have them in jail for years with no bail or anyway to prove they were innocent. This is what scares me.

The association laws will prevent families from meeting.

How would you feel if you were told you could not meet or catch up with your kids unless you wanted a mandatory jail sentence?




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