How to react if your employee turns out to be a bikie | Mackay Daily Mercury

How to react if your employee turns out to be a bikie | Mackay Daily Mercury.

Dear How Do I: Business?

I’ve been running AAA Aardvark Tow Trucks since Joh was in power and I have a problem with these new bikie laws.

I’ve got three bikies working for me. They turn up on time, they do their job and they have their own transport. Now the police have raided me and told me I need to get rid of them. What can I do? This is too much.

What next? My gay disabled Aboriginal son goes to jail for riding a push-bike?


Rob Timmo

And here is the most stupidest reply in history! It shows the level or lack of intelligence of the individual

Dear Rob

You need to get rid of them.

What kind of honest man supports bikies?

For goodness sake, the Attorney-General is not wrong when he says that supporting these monsters is like supporting paedophiles.

Our lord and saviour Campbell Newman hath said: “Lo, four wheels good, two wheels bad.”

His son, Jarrod of Bleijie has made it clear in Hansard 2013: 9-10, “He who shall be a bikie, must be consumed by hell and pink clothing”.

And what’s this about a push-bike?

You know that’s a gateway to motorbikes!

Please tell me he hasn’t started using lycra.

For the love of Joh, Rob, please think of the children, but not like that.

Honestly how pathetic is that! 

If an employee is a good worker does his job, why should you have to make them unemployed? Or is that the governments aim to escalate the already high unemployment rates and the amount of people on centrelink payments? Do you want those who are in a club and are not criminals to turn to that lifestyle so they can afford to make a living as it seems they are not to be given the chance that everyone else has of employment.

it goes against Human Rights 

Article 23. (1) Everyone has the right to work, TO FREE CHOICE OF EMPLOYMENT, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.(United Nation’s Declaration of Human Rights)


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