Tea and sympath…

Tea and sympathy over internet threats
November 5, 2013 – 10:19AM
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john birmingham
Blunt Instrument
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Minutes of a Crisis Meeting
State Executive Building
In Attendance:
Premier Newman
Police Minister Jack Dempsey
Police Commissioner Ian Stewart
The Qld Government’s IT guy.
Me. For all the note taking.

The meeting was delayed for thirty-five minutes while the police dog squad sniffed the room, the big couch, the Police Minister’s crotch and each other’s butts looking for bikie bombs.

A further delay was occasioned when it was discovered someone had eaten all the biscuits for morning tea. Minister Dempsey, brushing crumbs from his thoroughly sniffed lap, blamed the dog squad, or their handlers. Premier Newman complained that this never happened at council, even when Alderman Hinchcliffe was an alderman and an artist and well known at Town Hall as a dangerous man to leave around a biscuit barrel if he hadn’t eaten, which as an artist, was most days.

Read more: http://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/comment/blogs/blunt-instrument/tea-and-sympathy-over-internet-threats-20131105-2wxuz.html#ixzz2jkuX5GDR


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