Qld bikie law rewrite unwarranted: lawyers

Qld bikie law rewrite unwarranted: lawyers


So like spoilt kids, lets change the laws and the rules of the game as we go along to ensure we win. typical Newman style.

He is wrong on so many levels, and this shows his true character! I can just see him as a kid in the school yard! Never admitted when he was wrong, always lied to get out of trouble and blamed everyone else. Oh but wait he is still doing just that.


REWORDING Queensland’s anti-bikie laws is unwarranted because people shouldn’t be denied bail just because of past gang associations, lawyers and civil libertarians say.

Queensland’s Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie has flagged a rewrite of the controversial laws after another error in the wording of the legislation was exposed.

The laws only apply to “a person (who) is a participant” of outlaw gangs, which means bikies who have handed in their club colours can avoid being locked up.

Australian Council for Civil Liberties president Terry O’Gorman says the laws don’t need rewriting as they’re achieving the government’s aim of dismantling gangs.

“To change the law to make it retrospective would be unjust and contrary to the most fundamental tenet of the criminal law – that criminal law changes made by parliament apply to future, not past conduct,” he said in a statement.”


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