Desperate youths trading sex for food and a bed | Ipswich Queensland Times

Desperate youths trading sex for food and a bed | Ipswich Queensland Times.

Unfortunately the rising cost of living and the low levels of assistance and welfare that the government of this country deems its people need are to blame.

Honestly it does not take rocket science to understand that by expecting people to live on an income that is equivalent to a 3rd world country in a country that is very expensive to live in, promotes the levels of crime just so that individuals and whole families can try to survive day to day.

many people may be looking towards their future. but sadly for many people just getting through the day and having a roof over their head and something to eat is a mission and a dream some days.

This also applies to many single parents and the elderly. while the government makes it harder to get assistance and cuts services and payments to thousands, it then throws the money away on needless useless areas.

The people need to come first.

Payments need to be increased to be in-line with the cost of living.

This problem is only going to get bigger. as more generations see no hope of a future and no way out.


It is a viscous cycle that cannot be broken while people are forced to live in poverty by the very government that is meant to be supporting them.


Mr Morton said it cost about $250,000 a year to keep someone under 17 in custody.

It would make more sense to pay troubled youths $100 a day to work under supervised programs.


$10.6 billion: cost of mental illness among 12-25-year-olds in Australia

$8 billion: cost of illicit drug abuse nationally each year

$3.2 billion: cost of prisons in Australia – about $80,000 to $100,000 for each prisoner – for young people, $250,000 a year


$36 billion: cost of alcohol related assaults in Australia


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