QLD police pulling everyone over for nothing.

1. You can’t pull people over just for a license check. INCORRECT – You can be as shown below.

Under the Police Powers and Responsibilities Act, section 60 (1) and (3)(b), a police officer can stop a vehicle to ensure the driver is compliant with a transport act, namely possessing a licence. Under section 58 of the same act, they can require a person to produce their drivers licence, and by contravening that, they commit and offence under section 791.

2. A police officer has to answer a person if they ask whether or not they are detained.

3: WRONG -He steals the citizen’s (keys) property

4: WRONG – Assaults the motorist more than once.

5: Your allowed to film a police officer on duty just as they are allowed to film you.

6: WRONG – Police attempts to impede evidence that could be used in a court of law.

The police officer is in the wrong for the way he handled the matter, if the driver did not want to produce his license, then he should ask again to produce the license, if he driver does not produce it then  I would inform him that if he does not comply he is breaking the law and then see what he replies. Taking the keys etc and the drivers attitude do not make this scenario right.

Although at the moment it is good advise to record all interactions with police whether you are a driver or a rider.



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