Tough new anti-bikie laws mean even the smallest crime could land a former bikie in jail | Gold Coast Bulletin


Tough new anti-bikie laws mean even the smallest crime could land a former bikie in jail



A FISHERMAN with a bikie past who catches an undersized fish could potentially face jail as the Newman Government fortifies legislation designed to drive criminal motorcycle gangs from Queensland.

Parliament passed a raft of tough amendments late Tuesday night which could see any bikie gang members – past or present – jailed for almost any offence.

The amendments have further widened the power of the Government\’s anti-gang laws legislation as criminal lawyers warn it will see innocent people behind bars.

The Government will also expand the licensing regime to ban criminal motorcycle gang members from having or applying for licenses across a range of industries including liquor, security (including locksmiths), tow truck, building and construction, pawnbroking, second-hand motor dealers and bookmakers.

However, prominent criminal lawyer Bill Potts, of Potts Lawyers, warned the amendments applied to any person who

“has at any time been, a participant in a criminal organisation\” and applied to indictable, simple or regulatory offences.

“Under the new Bail Act, it does not matter if you are a bikie or if you have ever been a bikie. If you are charged with an offence – indictable, simple or regular – you could potentially be sent to jail,

” Mr Potts said.

“That means a person who has caught too many fish, a person who has caught an undersized fish, who is caught speeding, drink-driving or being drunk and disorderly.

“If they have been a member of bikie club, they will not be given bail.

“It cannot be mitigated by any court.”

Gold Coast criminal lawyer Bill Potts believes the anti-bikie laws will have an unforeseen domino effect Source: News Corp Australia

Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie said the amendments were designed to combat the

“slippery nature

” of the criminal gangs.

“The criminal gangs have their fingers in many pies and target unsuspecting Queenslanders, but their members will soon be banned from having or applying for licenses in a range of industries,” Mr Bleijie said.

“Bail provisions will be amended to ensure gang members can\’t step around the system simply by resigning their membership.

“We are sending a clear message to criminal gangs that they are not wanted in Queensland.

“We will do whatever is necessary to ensure criminal gangs are kicked out of Queensland.” 


Civil Liberties Council vice-president Terry O\’Gorman said the controversial laws had been conceived and drafted in secret.

Mr O ‘Gorman said the legislation made it close to impossible for bikies to “earn an honest living”.

“Not only will bikies be prohibited from working or having an interest in massage parlours, they will be prohibited from any connection with used car yards, locksmiths, gyms and possibly other employment areas,” Mr O’Gorman said.

“A lot of bikies do not have trade certificates and threats that they will be prohibited even from working in the construction industry will inevitably push them into a life of crime if they cannot be gainfully employed.\”

via Tough new anti-bikie laws mean even the smallest crime could land a former bikie in jail | Gold Coast Bulletin.


All I can say to this is that it will not make people leave the state, it is more likely to have the public up in revolt. If this continues in the vain it is going, other minority groups will also join as they know they can be targeted next. We will have civil unrest, we will see more innocent people being harrassed, assaulted, incarcerated, with the threat of violence by police at the point where people will end up getting killed.


Is this what the Government wants?

I believe it is as they are deliberately making laws in secret, enabling them slowly with each new piece of legislation to overthrow any opposition, and gag any who do not agree.

Should a person disagree, the new laws can be applied to keep them quiet of to remove them altogether with them having no human rights at all and no chance of bail.

These laws are not even given the consideration they need by the legal community or experts in the fields they are in. This is a two man team who believe they are their own GODS and we as the public need to bow down to them and do as they say or we will be removed, and it is time that this is stopped.


The next lot of letters need to go to the Queen herself to get the Attorney General removed, as he seems to be Newman’s leading hand. Makes you wonder what else he is helping him with?



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