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posted toSay No to Campbell Newman\’s Discriminatory Laws

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Just posted this on Herr Newmans page, should be blocked by now lol

I voted for you Campbell as I thought you had the guts to make the hard calls needed to pull this wonderful state out of the excement successive Labor govts had lowered it into, and I was well pleased with the cutbacks and doing what had to be done while know nothings whined and whinged about the job you were doing….now you have lost not only the plot, but my support, I have been a motorcyclist since I was not long able to crawl, by way of my love of motorcycles I have met some of the most outstanding people one could hope to meet, you say that only outlaws will be affected by your Orwellian, unconstitutional and illegal \’non laws\’, LIAR, you know damn well that police are targeting ALL bikers, and even people in cars, because they happen to have tattoos, what a WASTE of taxpayers money, you know damn well the non laws of yours will be nullified by the High Court as they have been in S.A. VIC & NSW, they have been quashed because they are unconstitutional and illegal.

If some outlaw clubs are misbehaving then use the millions you are WASTING with your illegal blanket approach targeting law abiding individuals and TARGET THEM with existing laws designed to deal with criminals and leave the rest of us alone….

As i believe something good comes out of everything I must Thank you Campbell Newman for raising awareness in the community of all the charity work bikers do and all the community work they do, bikers are some of the kindest, stand up, big hearted, staunch, family orientated individuals in the community, unlike you and your mates who are self serving, self centered corrupt lying clueless fucking worms, you compare us to thugs? please explain how it can be if we \’bikies\’ are a hated, feared, scourge apon society is it that on the local annual toy run we organised last weekend the roadsides were packed with families and kids standing outside houses, shops, farms and pulled over in cars…. WAVING, SMILING, and HONKING?? people approaching me and saying \”Thank you, what you guys do is amazing\” once again our little social club raised over a thousand dollars for the Salvo\’s How much did YOU donate Campbell?? I know our local KAP MP donated….

You sir are a fascist to the letter, and most of not only Queensland, but the Nation KNOWS IT the community at large compares you to Hitler, me, i just think you are un Australian and should hang your head in shame, you have just pissed on the graves of the tens of thousands of Aussies who have died defending this nation from fascist…. 100% of people I have spoken with are 100% against what you are doing and 100% in support of us non outlaw motorcyclists, clearly you are delusional as only someone delusional would dismiss the fact that the blowback from your madness WILL end your political career, Australians dont like fascists, we have fought 2 World Wars and numerous smaller battles to keep them from this nations shores. Go ahead, block me as you have done many people I have spoken with that have commented on this page, that is what fascists do after all, censorship is the refuge of those disabled by the truth…

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