Australia Day Rally Brisbane

  • Join forces with us at Emma Miller Place – Brisbane (Cnr Roma, Albert and Turbot Streets) to fight for our freedom to associate. A brief run down of the planned events for the day have been released below and further details are now being added daily!

    We are expecting to have five speakers from various areas of the community to give their perspective on how these new laws are directly affecting them or those close to them. Whether you wish to attend all of the planned parts of the event or just some of them we encourage you all to show up and support the cause.

    Date: Sunday 26/01/2014
    Time: From 11:00AM
    Location: Emma Miller Place, Brisbane (Cnr Roma, Albert and Turbot Streets)
    Parking: Albert Street will be closed for parking, everyone is to enter from the north (Wickham Terrace) to avoid causing congestion on the major roads.

    Rough Run Sheet (Times may vary slightly coming up to the day)

    — 11:00 —
    Begin arriving On Site meet and greet others.

    — 11:30 —
    Introduction on the Plans for the day.

    — 11:35-12:35 —

    — 12:35 —
    Closing points, and explaining what is up next, possibly some music following. Meet and greet with admins, members and speakers. This will be a good time to vocalise your thoughts, and get to learn the perspectives of others.

    — 1:00 —
    Fire up and ride… TBC

    — Afterwards —
    possibly retire to a licensed venue! Venue is to be confirmed in the coming days.

    If you require further information do not hesitate to contact the following:-
    – Luke Matthew Bull (0477001500)
    – Marcia Lorraway (0435927541)
    – Lauren Letson-Glassenbury (By Facebook)
    – Greg Hare (By Facebook)
    – Debbie Dunlop(By Facebook)

    We are unable to complete some crucial parts of the planning due to the holiday period such as the submission of protest application or arrange public liability insurance. But rest assured all this will be done as soon as business trading days allow. Parking will also be confirmed and a map put up to show you the location.

    There are plenty of jobs, both big and small, that we would appreciate help with and encourage you to contact any of the above people if you can help in any way.

    If you wish to share this event with your friends we have created a simplified URL for you to use –


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