Bleijie’s old boss links new anti-bikie laws to Nazi era | Clarence Valley Daily Examiner

Bleijie’s old boss links new anti-bikie laws to Nazi era



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Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Jarrod Bleijie.

Tom Huntley

THE man who moved Jarrod Bleijie\’s admission as a solicitor has likened new anti-bikie laws to the Nazi era and says the Attorney-General has forgotten the basics of the law.

Kyle Kimball, a senior director of Sajen Legal where Mr Bleijie worked from 2006 until his election to Parliament in 2009, said new laws eroded civil liberties.

The State Government\’s new Vicious Lawless Associations Disestab

lishment Bill and the Criminal Gang Destruction Bill have been criticised by civil libertarians and legal experts who say they give the government the power to declare groups and people to be criminals without a trial.

The Attorney-General will also have the power to keep people in jail indefinitely under other legislative changes.

Mr Kimball took to Facebook to challenge Mr Bleijie\’s sweeping new laws.

\”Nothing like removing judicial discretion eh JB? And your very own star chamber to boot?\” he wrote.

\”Are the constabulary so woefully inefficient that they are unable to prove a case and secure a conviction without a coerced confession by some throwback process from the middle ages?

\”What\’s on the agenda after bikies? Who else will be for the truth serum?\”

Mr Kimball told the Daily that the new laws showed disregard for laws developed over hundreds of years to protect people from persecution.

He pointed out fascist governments had been empowered by similar laws.

\”The Nazis came to power with pieces of law like this,\” he said. \”It may seem melodramatic but it\’s not.\”

Mr Kimball said the legislative changes also disregarded principles of sentencing which required consideration of the circumstances of the case and consistency of sentencing.

\”I thought my partners and I had taught him better, but what we taught him seems to have vanished,\” he said.

Mr Kimball said the Attorney-General had not responded to any of his Facebook posts.

He said Mr Bleijie would not be surprised that he had challenged him as the Sajen legal office had always been a scene of debate.

\”I\’d just like to get Jarrod to think about it from a different perspective.\”


via Bleijie’s old boss links new anti-bikie laws to Nazi era | Clarence Valley Daily Examiner.


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