Police report gruesome details of Queensland nightclub violence | The Courier-Mail

via Police report gruesome details of Queensland nightclub violence | The Courier-Mail.


Police report gruesome details of Queensland nightclub violence


Police report gruesome details

Chaos in Brunswick Street, one of the leading hotspots for alcohol-fuelled violence. Source: The Sunday Mail (Qld)

VIOLENT and bloody alcohol-fuelled fights at the state’s most popular nightclubs are detailed in shocking police reports that the venues didn’t want Queenslanders to see.

From brawls between people in “dance-offs” to revellers being knocked unconscious for not buying a drink, the incidents show the dark side to the lucrative nightclub scene.

It took a two-year battle for the documents to be released to The Sunday Mail after one of the venues objected to the information being made public.

PART 1 (PDF, 1mb) 

PART 2 (PDF, 670kb)

The Queensland Police Union wants venues to be charged a fee for every time police officers attend.

Claims of security brutality are also within the files, including one incident in which a man was thrown down eight steps at Gilhooley’s after he refused to give security a phone recording of a fight.

At The Church in Fortitude Valley, two groups of people were involved in a “dance-off” when a man punched another man in the face.

At the Mustang Bar, also in the Valley, police conducting a walk-through were stopped by a man who caught the attention of officers.

“How’s it going c—stable? Did you f—ing hear me? How’s it going c—stable?” The man was arrested.

A man was glassed at the bar on another occasion but was too drunk to remember what happened and didn’t want to make a complaint.

At Birdee Num Num, across the road, a man was dancing with a woman when he was punched in the head and kicked to the ground.

In other police incident reports, officers claimed bouncers used excessive force when restraining offenders.


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