Social Riders aren’t being harrassed? Take a look to see how untrue it is

WTF. ….I just went on a ride on my Harley and ended up in Beenleigh.

I needed fuel so I turned into a street to do a U turn back to the servo…..I pulled up at a bowser and all of a sudden there was a cop car with lights and siren pulled up behind me.

They asked for my license and I asked if they could wait until I finished filling up. I went in and paid for the fuel and when I came back out was confronted with 5 cop cars and 10 cops which detained me for license, breath test and vehicle compliance.

A 6th car turned up to issue me with a drug test…….all up I was detained for close on an hour….I thank all of the general public and the lady behind the counter as everyone was recording and gave me their names as witnesses

. …after all of this I was free to go with no infringements….

Yeah Newman, law abiding motorcyclists have nothing to fear. ….FTP

ATTENTION: Beenleigh police are at it once again targeting….. Thorsbourne Street…

1 Police car 3 officers pulling up drivers in the SHELL garage…

1 car 2 officers at entrance to Thorsebourne Street….

2 cars 5 officers at LOCKED GATE entrance to 12-Gage Kustoms………….

This is clearly harassment of 12-Gage Kustoms clients


This is the second phase of Jamie’s ordeal with the Queensland Police. These 3 detained him for a further 10 mins or so after the first 5 cars had just left and told hime, he was free to go. They detained him for a license check and drug test. By this stage he was frustrated and admits to coming  across as being rude, however, in Newmans own words he states….I MAKE NO APOLOGIES……..


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