Freedom – Australia Day Protest – Don’t Forget


For all those going to Brisbane … PLEASE Remember Everyone is there for the same reason. We don’t want the police to have any reason what so ever to arrest anyone, 12 or more protesters can be arrested for gathering together… so fight the cause but stay safe doing it also….
Unfortunately Due to these ridiculous  laws , all 4 Yandina 5 men released won’t be allowed to attend, nor will any other members of so called Named Criminal organisations.

Remember they want a scene to strengthen their rights to push these laws, if you see a disturbance, turn your back and walk away. 

and Cameras are most welcome.

Freedom Rally Brisbane

For those on the North side

Leave Gympie Duckponds 7.30am am Sunday
Leave Forest Glen BP 8.15am
Leave Morayfield Twin BP 9.15am
Leaving Redcliffe Showground 10am
Arrive at the Brisbane Protest around 11am
      1. Pages and Groups

        Say No to Campbell Newmans Discriminatory Laws:

        Freedom Rides Australia : The Sydney Morning Herald’s Economics Editor argues that the #TPP agreement, Australia’s biggest ever trade deal, is unlikely to be in Australia’s national interest.

        People Against the Anti Bikie Laws (Lets Stand as One)

        Australian Bikers Protest:

        Freedom Rally Perth:

        United Motorcycle Council NSW
        United Motorcycle Council Queensland more

        — with Jeremy Barnes and 7 others.



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