QLD Oppression and History lesson of how we got to where we are today.

2000 Years Ago – Authorities at the time crucified a Man named Jesus Christ for speaking out about the injustices against his people

– 200 Years Ago, the British Authorities were sending Convicts to Australia for Crimes as little as Stealing a Loaf of Bread.

– 150 Years Ago, Authorities around the world including United States legalised Slavery, Whipping, Rape & Torture to a select group of people and robbed them of their rights to freedom

– 70 Years Ago, Adolf Hitler created the Nazi Party who systematically discriminated against selected people (teachers, medical staff, lawyers & judges and groups of people based on their race and religion) and robbed them of their rights, then ordered the killing of approx 17 million people leading the entire world into war..

40 Years Ago, Idi Amin the 3rd President of Uganda, was characterised by human rights abuse, ethnic cleansing, corruption and the killing of approx 500,000 social economic groups with discrimination of certain groups of people by his authority.

– 30 Years Ago – The Khmer Rough took away the basic human rights of the people of Cambodia, who they spoke to, what they wore, how they acted, separated children from their parents resulting in the killing fields of Cambodia, deaths estimated at 1 million people..

– 10 years Ago to Present– Kim Jong-il – Supreme leader of North Korea, has 200,000 political prisoners with no freedom of the press, religion, political opposition or equal education, virtually every aspect of their lives is controlled by the government.

Due to an unprecedented set of circumstances Queenslanders now find themselves in a unique political position.

After 100 years of Political Manoeuvring we have NO SENATE, We have NO BILL OF RIGHT, We have a VERY WATERED DOWN CONSTITUTION, we have a government with 78 SEATS from 1 PARTY (Liberal National Party),

We have a Premier who believes HE ALONE knows what is RIGHT FOR EACH and EVERY QUEENSLANDER..

He can change laws without consultation of the judiciary, without the legal profession, without consulting with the committee process.

In 12 hours he can change what have been basic accepted legal rights for the last 600 years.

In Queensland there are two levels of people… No different to all the previous DICTATORS.

TODAY… Campbell Newman and the Queensland Authorities are dictating to the Queensland people who we can be friends with, who we can associate with, where we can work, what we can wear, places we can go, affecting freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and the Number 1 right of the Democratic Nations of the World, Freedom of Association which can affect each and everyone of the 4.7 Million Queenslanders..



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