Why the new laws need to concern everyone!

These are the laws that concern me the most and the reasons why…


Criminal Code – The worst and most spoken about are sections 60A, B & C.

Section 60A is the anti-association section. It provides that any participant in a criminal organisation who is in a public place with 2 or more other participants is committing an offence and if convicted must serve a minimum of 6 months gaol up to a maximum of 3 years.

 ‘participant’ is very broadly defined and can include almost anyone who has had any contact with an OMC club or attended more than one bike show or some other social event or even done business with the club.

( such as having done renovations, accounts, hairdresser, cab driver, school teacher, fuel station attendant, post office worker, the list goes on..)

You do not need to be associating for a criminal purpose, just be in a public place together.

VLAD Act – This is a new Act. It has one purpose. If you commit an offence which is in the VLAD Act Schedule and you are a participant in a criminal organisation (remember, this captures just about anybody who has had anything to do with an OMC) and you commit the offence in furtherance of some kind of club business (it doesn’t have to be criminal business) then you MUST get, on top of what a judge has already given you, an extra 15 years gaol if you are a member and an extra 25 years gaol if you are an officer of a club. It is mandatory. You cannot make any submissions and there is nothing you can do about it. Even if a judge penalises you with only a $50 fine, you still must get an extra 15 or 25 years gaol.


Police Powers Act – This Act has been amended so that if the police suspect you are a participant in a criminal organisation they can stop and detain you and search you without a warrant. (Your home also) How do they suspect you are such a participant? By how you look? Your hair? How you walk?

Police do not have to provide any evidence as to how or why they may suspect you. 

  • Queensland police only have jurisdiction within Queensland borders. You cannot be charged with breaching, for example, the anti-association laws (S60A), if you associate outside of Queensland. However, this has not stopped some Queensland police from threatening to charge OMC members who have associated outside of Queensland borders. (If you associate within Queensland borders, of course, you are committing an offence and will be charged.)

But, it’s of no comfort if you’re waiting 3 months in solitary confinement before you get to prove you’re correct.


There are numerous other Acts which have been amended to affect the life and employment of members of OMCs, such as the Electrical Services Act, Building Services Act, Racing Act, Tow Truck Act, Casino Act, etc. etc. If you are an electrician then you will lose your licence, similarly if you are in construction. These are just a couple of examples. One area of great concern is how these laws affect members of OMCs outside of Queensland.


As these are the first of the union groups to be targeted. Who is next is what everyone is wondering..We already know about public servants

Will it be Teachers, Doctors, Company Directors or the checkout chick?

Take it one step further into the realm of Association..

Say your work mate did the work connecting the telephone or power for the clubhouse or a member or participants house or business.( Remember who can be a participant outlined above)

It could even be the cleaner hired to clean a hall after a function or do clean a persons house, or even worse, the lady at the school taking payment for a child’s excursion or school fees ( see how ridiculous this is and how broad and open to abuse the definitions are)

By knowing your mate or this person you are now an associate.

What does this mean?

It means that you are now also a criminal, although you have not committed any crime.

Remember these other people including your mate were not criminals either until these laws came in, but with a stroke of the pen, you, everyone you know, he knows and any OMC or participant are now all criminals too, and tarred with the same brush.

And what’s more worrying is that to name a group, club or organisation, the person naming them does not even have to show any evidence or proof to you or anyone that you have done anything criminal. This leads into groups such as 4WD clubs, political parties, environmental groups, charities, fundraisers or anyone the Government feels is against them or they take a dislike to being named. It is certainly a way to stay in Government if you have the masses fearing they will be next, as no one will be game enough to go against them or speak out. Therefore they win by default.

Education and using your vote is the way to get the people who are meant to sere us not scare or intimidate us out of control. The more people who know and really understand what is going on, and not just what the Government chooses to tell us the more people will actually see what is going on.

Why else would the government be spending half a million dollars on an advertising campaign to tell us how good they are for us. if they were that good, they would speak for themselves.

Share and lets educate people, let them see what is really going on before more laws and people are affected. What else is the Government hiding, and what is also on there hidden agenda for this state and country.


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