Newman Government’s new plan to lure voters ahead of Redcliffe by-election

Newman Government’s new plan to lure voters ahead of Redcliffe by-election

  • FEBRUARY 16, 2014 3:15PM


Disgraced Scott Driscoll resigns from Parliament. Courtesy Nine news


Redcliffe residents will head to the polls next weekend. Picture: Supplied

Redcliffe residents will head to the polls next weekend. Picture: Supplied Source: Supplied

IN a last ditch attempt to close the gap on Labor, the Newman Government has offered to look at unlocking part of the Redcliffe coastline that is currently off limits to fishermen.

Ahead of next weekend’s by-election, Premier Campbell Newman on Sunday visited Scott’s Point on the Redcliffe Peninsula where fishing is not allowed because of its marine park status.

They were joined by LNP candidate for Redcliffe Kerri-Ann Dooley, who said many of the 1.2 million visitors to the Peninsula each year were anglers seeking to sink a line from the beach.

“A lot of people have actually received fines for fishing off this beach,” Ms Dooley said.

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Mr Newman said he wanted to change the zoning of the first 100m of the existing marine park to allow recreational fishing from the shore.

“The proposed change is a common sense approach. The new zoning will have minimal impact on the environment while producing great lifestyle benefits for the community,” Mr Newman said.

He conceded the LNP was facing an uphill battle to win the seat of Redcliffe – which was vacated by former LNP member Scott Driscoll. Mr Driscoll is now under investigation for alleged fraud offences.

A Galaxy poll shows a 14 per cent swing against the LNP in next Saturday’s by-election.

Mr Newman said the results were not a surprise.

“I said at the very beginning of the campaign that we are the underdogs, that people are obviously upset about the actions and the failure to perform of the former member but we’re offering a fresh start,” said Mr Newman.


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