Gina Rinehart ? The billionaire hypocrite, who inherited her wealth and never worked a day in her life. If she wants something done she doesn’t do it herself, not she hires people to carry out her every wish. She sells this country piece by piece yet wants corporate hand outs from the government (you) but thinks you deserve nothing.
She makes the average weekly wage in 1 second… She makes roughly $600 every second (you couldn’t line her pockets quick enough to keep up) Yet she wants more and if that means you have less then so be it….http://m.heraldsun.com.au/ipad/gina-rineharts-running-hot/story-fn6bn88w-1226367372935

Is it Rupert Murdock ? Who is worth even more. His company has even gone to court to defend Their right to LIE about the truth, and WON the case. He can destroy reputations using his “news” and he doesn’t even have to tell the truth. As hitler once said tell a lie often enough until the people believe it’s true. He controls what most Australians know, or to be more accurate don’t know. Throw the people distractions like celebrities, cooking shows, sports ect so the billionaires and trillion aires are free to steal from you without it making “news”.

If you if think voting changes anything for the better, then why does it only get worse?? These animals love you before an election then treat you like criminals after it. It shouldn’t be called government, it should be called broken promises. And their catch phrase should be “you fell for again, when will you learn” this for profit private corporation is enslaving the people while making us pay for their wedding gifts.

Maybe the banks? Who haven’t lent anyone a cent in decades, and charge you interest on loan they never gave you but if you don’t pay it back they get your home at NO COST to them. They print billions each year (at no cost to them) while we earn $20+ an hour.

Could it be the authorities?
Who deceptively put you under maritime law while trying to pass it off as common law. They’re happy to be the hero and fine you for doing a few K’s over the limit but stay silent about massive fraud and corruption going on in this country. Never bite the hand that feeds you, as they say.

It may be the corporate monopoly?
Given that just 2 international banking groups alone (HSBC and J.P Morgan) own the majority shares in comm bank, nab, westpac, anz, Qantas, origin energy, BP, Dutch shell. While at the same time have a conflict of interest given they control serco who are in the courts, prisons and detention centers. They could afford to buy all these corporations because thanks to corrupt banking they’re free to print their own wealth.

Maybe it’s all these things, but maybe we forgot the most important part of the problem. People who willingly sit by day after day never taking a invested interest in their own futures and the future of their children.
Until people start taking an interest on the things that really matter, they will continue destroy you and everything around you….
Please start getting involved, just learning the facts makes a big difference.

Who owns the largest share of Australia’s Top 4 Banks
**Data taken from SYB Top 4 ANZ Shareholders Name of Shareholder Number of Shares % 1 HSBC CUSTODY NOMINEES (AUSTRALIA) LIMITED 446,984,331 17.46 2 J P MORGAN NOMINEES AUSTRALIA LIMITED 371,451,02…

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