DNA, Human Rights, & Justice

DNA, Human Rights, & Justice.



In the beginning …….. Test 1 
MC, the father of my daughter, C. committed a cruel, destructive fraud against my 18-year-old and I. He also whiteanted everything in our lives that mattered to us including totally sabotaging his daughter’s hard won tertiary education. From wanting to be a teacher and being totally committed to her tertiary studies, she ended up serving coffee at the Casino. MC destroyed my only possibility of an income, spread lies among friends to ensure we had no support and tricked us both into so much debt we could not help ourselves or each other. Needless to say, with escalating tertiary costs since privatisation, Cindie had to quit school and both of us were left in a dire situation.

  On the advice of lawyers, we took the issues to the Family Court. They were scarcely raised. Instead, MC called for a DNA Paternity test at the lab. of his choice, Simons GeneType now GeneTech. MC falsely claimed to the court we had “extorted thirty-five thousand dollars out of him and which he had paid to keep us quiet because his wife was dying of cancer. Several reliable witnesses can confirm I went to live with him AFTER HIS WIFE DIED AND THAT HE WAS VERY AFFECTIONATE TOWARDS US IN PUBLIC AS WELL AS IN PRIVATE. He “gave” us very little, despite owning several valuable properties, shares and an income for life, he deliberately destroyed what little we had.

  The test came back with “100% certainty” MC is not my daughter’s father, even though he knows with 110% certainty he is.

  After diligently researching what went wrong the old fashioned way, asking many, many questions of many, many people, mainly eyeball to eyeball, I was able to establish that Ian Smith (then a director – now President) at GeneTech had switched the samples to ensure the negative result

  When I asked Dr Simons to simply send a brief note recommending a further DNA test, his reply was to threaten to sue. So did Ian Smith – both in writing. Is this the response of honest suppliers?

  MC admits he was on intimate terms with me when I became pregnant with my ONLY child. I am now 63. Technically, I was still married to my husband of 20 YEARS, Ray Farnell (now deceased) but we were no longer on intimate terms and had no children. MC has three other daughters. A psychologist who knows both families well confirms the likenesses of C. to MC are biological, not superficial. A highly respected academic confirms I had told her when C. was very little : that Ray knew he was not her biological father; that I had mentioned her father was Indian; and that her features are not like Ray’s. My daughter is almost a clone of MC, with many characteristics and personality traits of his as well as physical likenesses.

  Judges overseas are ruling such likenesses DO bring “negative” results into question. Here, the police, as well as scientists, parroted by strange judges, claim such likenesses (even coupled with strange behaviour by fathers and even stranger behaviour by scientists) not to mention opposing results – do not raise questions as to the probity of tests.


  For over a year, preferring to CONTINUALLY go back to court, MC refused a second test. Judge Frederico refused to order one. Finally, with Registrar Nikakis was presiding, and after being backed into a corner by our barrister, MC agreed to have on at Red Cross after still flatly refusing to have one by Dr Achison, the scientist of my choice (who had said he would put more security in place – and would “take his bedroll” to the lab. to protect the integrity of the test. He turned out to be just one more scientist who couldn’t be trusted since not only had he been discussing our case with scientists I said were corrupt, but made damaging false claims to our lawyer and others – who as usual were easily sucked in by lies.

  Despite meeting with scientists at Red Cross prior to the second test, and giving them written confirmation of the Consent Orders signed by all parties including Nikakis, This second test came back negative.

  Despite additional security checks being inserted in the orders by Nikakis, they were ignored by Red Cross and MC. It turned out Dr Haddad had studied under Simons, and worked for him for several years before transferring to Red Cross. This test came back 100% certain” MC is not my daughter’s father.

  Again, I approached Red Cross seeking to settle the matter quickly and quietly for C’s sake even more than my own. It was easy enough to establish that it was Haddad who falsified the test.

  I’d had to borrow money from a high priced money lender to pay for tests – still of course believing truth and justice would prevail. It was the final nail in my coffin.

  The next test, done at DNA Solutions by Vern Muir, gave a positive result. All the evidence surrounding the issue supports this being the correct result

  Justice Frederico didn’t consider this positive result nor the way consent orders were ignored , any reason to grant an appeal hearing, even though my daughter and I, as always, were agreeable to more secure DNA testing – which we were not allowed to have! Half my daughter’s genes replicate mine yet neither she nor I were given the right to testing at the lab of our choice. Why is this?

  Shortly after, a further test at the police lab in Macleod came back negative! Their scientists, Dr Roberts, continually lied and changed his story. Correspondence with the Minister for Police and others show he is making false and contradictory claims. When I again sought police assistance, Dr Roberts who I had already said had falsified the tests and Dr Scheffer who was covering up for him, were appointed to investigate themselves.

  The likelihood is they were coerced by MC and/or other scientists into falsifying the result since they had not adhered to the law, much less the safety checks normally in place.

  Add to this that the lab was just about to receive $1.8 million to upgrade their DNA facility and the police public relations machine was loudly trumpeting the positives of DNA as evidence. N one of the highly respected witnesses I nominated were interviewed. When I sought the assistance of the Commissioner to establish a mediatory approach the police scientists’ response was to threaten legal action – I’m still waiting since presumably if they pursue this threat they will insist on DNA testing as evidence nothing is wrong- won’t they?

  It took falsification of two DNA tests to give negative results at DNA Solutions before I realised Muir too had changed sides. If as he now claims I had falsified the first, positive result, why would I then pay a detective $2000 to obtain more verifiable DNA of MCs and take it back to the same lab? And if, as Muir claims I had cancelled the cheque payment for this first test (his excuse as to why he will not let us have the report of this result) why did HE – months later – come with us to court to try to get an Appeal Hearing – including a more secure test at a registered lab? And why, if as he claims he was angry with me did he seek the help of his cousin, a barrister, Sean Hardy for us? WHO PUT IN WRITING HE BELIEVED US! Despite running not only an unethical, but totally dishonest business, and absolutely destroying another teenager’s life, as well as C. he is the darling of the media – tho lately of course t.v. has switched to giving another totally corrupt lab their support – Ian Smith and GeneTech!!!!!

  Strangely the media gives widespread free publicity not only to corrupt scientists but to clearly lying fathers, with a total disregard of the rights, much less views, of the mothers and children concerned. (Anderson v. H) Has paid advertising bought media bias? Not necessarily – the attitude of the Executive Producer at the 7.30 report was just as bad and in fact – disgracefully insulting as well as ill informed.

  Muir wasn’t the only person I trusted who betrayed my daughter and I as well as others. Dr Achison had secretly been making false claims to our lawyer and others to discredit me in a very damaging way. Had I been asked I could easily prove he was lying but as usual no one bothered to seek my response. This lack of liaison with victims, including by one’s own lawyers, is a significant contributing factor to unresolved injustice since it disempowers those telling the truth.

  Typically, when I tried to sort it out with Achison he lied even further. This was devastating for our lawyer as well as us because he then realised how impossible the task is of knowing which scientist to trust even if we could get the court to order further testing. This is still a major hurdle because the only scientist I trust is not in the commercial DNA industry so is not recognised by the courts – despite the strange inadequacies of “recognised” procedures!

WHO JUDGES THE JUDGES? Lies and More Lies.
  Just one of many false assumptions damaging justice throughout the system, is that judges base their rulings “on the evidence before them”. Not so.

  Several very competent lawyers tried to resolve our case but could not. Why is this? No less than four have now put in writing they believe we are telling the truth. Neville Turner, who diligently researched our case made it clear the reason lawyers were not prepared to take the matter back to court was because of Judge Frederico’s strange, unjust final ruling which totally infringes human rights. This ruling includes we are “not allowed to return to court to pursue paternity issues. In ruling we were not allowed to proceed with a late Appeal (we’d been waiting on the outcome of another non event police “investigation” – he effectively ensured no other judge, including the High Court, could examine our case.

  Should sole judges have this power – to judge applications for Appeal when they themselves made a blatantly unjust ruling? Frederico used LIES ALREADY WITHDRAWN BY MC as his Reasons for refusing an Application for Late Appeal Hearing. He also said complainingly that I had criticised the procedures!!!

  His attitude and therefore judgement were corrupted by his ego when he realised his earlier judgements were wrong. His prejudice is obvious in transcripts. Deary, deary me! Laws are set to change in Australia to minimise tampering in the future – but what of those already destroyed by unresolved injustice? Thew fact is the biggest change that is needed is gullible ATTITUDES TO SCIENCE

  Many grossly unfounded “assumptions” are made in the justice process – including lawyers will take on the cases of those telling the truth. Lawyers, as well as the public clearly have little faith in the justice system since they are rightly concerned that due to the way all evidence other than the DNA tests is ignored costs may be awarded against them if previous disgraceful rulings are anything to go by.

  Pro-bono lawyers can scarcely be expected to fund the necessary expert witnesses, particularly scientists at $200 dollars per hour, much less the detective work needed. Thus whilst fathers go to court armed with false “scientifically accurate” test results, lying affidavits and reports from scientists and worst of all supported by the strange belief throughout the system, despite considerable historical contradictions, that science can do no wrong,, . Women and children go armed only with a naively misplaced notion that truth will prevail and an even more misplaced belief in justice.

  Neville is extremely experienced. After trying unsuccessfully a way of resolving the issues via the court, he sent a submission to the Australian Law Reform Genetics Inquiry with copies to the Federal Attorney General and Sate Attorney General. He put in writing (copy available) he considered not only that our story was corroborated but that other clear evidence was ignored because of the DSNA test results Please support his and our efforts for a genuine government funded forum of inquiry into OTHER cases of fraud in Victoria as well as ours. Contact the ALRC genetics@alrc.gov.au. Laws need to be put in place to ensure DETECTION as well as minimise tampering and which should apply REGARDLESS OF ANY OTHER EVIDENCE OR LACK OF IT.

  Consider the case of H. “Anderson vs. H.” H. ‘s lying ex, Anderson, was paid to make his false claims on TV pretending his TEENAGE SON WAS NOT HIS. H. HAD LITTLE REAL EVIDENCE AND THE POWER OF SCIENCE HAAD BEGUN TO CAUSE HER DOUTSS. It was only the strange actions of Haddad and Muir as well as the lying of her ex, which helped her establish the truth. Courts do not see establishing the truth as evidence. As with me, lawyers had warned H. not to even intimate the word “corruption” in the Family Court as from the top down they clearly make the naive assumption that, despite the sinister lengths fathers go to avoid child support there is no corruption associated with Family Law!

  It is also clear courts do not honour the UN Convention and honour the rights of the child to an identity” not to mention the rights of the mother and child to the 100% certainty claimed for these tests.

  Please support the efforts of unpaid lawyers and others on our behalf. Write to there Inquiry now. Do not allow this heinous, global practice to be continually ignored. You or yours may be the victim of fraudulent science one day. The domino of destruction in the lives of victims is unimaginable because not only are scientists stealing the right of the child to support from both parents, but they are also stealing the integrity of mother and child so that other crimes, such as financial fraud are not justly dealt with.

A more detailed version of our story is available by contacting me, Patricia Farnell atdidgepf@hotmail.com.  Ive had to learn the hard way how widespread falsification and collusion is and what can be done – if you are a victim feel free to write and benefit from my efforts! Despite the fact taxpayers (especially via Centrelink hand outs) fund these frauds, if you are in Australia – don’t expect any assistance from government funded sources.

Genetics inquiry: genetics@alrc.gov.au

Other sites confirming opposing results, including fraudulent DNA tests are widespread:

Justice action – Truth in Justice

Allen Gelb DNA, Human Rights & Justice Forensic errors



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