True case in QLD Magistrates court.
Where someone who knows the real laws puts forth his rights, and the workers in the court are acting under the deceit believing they are doing the correct thing as they have been deceived and do not realise that the laws they are trying to enforce is not actually legal.
Listen to how they try and silence him when he asks them for the correct ID that a judge should provide.
Is the judge acting as a banker or a judge….. Mostly they act as banker without our knowledge.

He is assaulted by a police prosecutor and officers in the court and they then refuse to provide that evidence back to him.

They refuse to provide their ID’s

Listen to the whole thing right to the end when he is speaking to the Sheriff.

Published on 6 Jan 2014

Appearing in Court for the Second time, after previously asking the Magistrate for ID, i was again rushed through the Court. Arriving at 10am, I walked through the entrance without going through the Metal Detectors. Three security guards surrounded me and threatened to forcibly remove me. Two Undercover Police also fronted up and attempted to contract with me and went to man handle me until I stood over them and asking for the highest Authority in the Court. The Sheriff.

As the Sheriff has law, I respectfully does as he asks and am called straight into the court room and put before the bench. This time its in Court Room Two and there are only 4 or 5 people in the room.

The Book of Law i hold up and ask whether i have broken the Law is a King James Bible leather bound in bright red with gold writing on the front. HOLY BIBLE.

After a quick dash through the Court, they forcibly remove me again. After which the Sheriff asks me to attend with him upstairs. After he requests that i stop recording i honour his requests. The Sheriff is a respectful bloke and has in both instances given me respect. After the recording is stopped we have a half hour conversation before i leave.


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