Magistrate asked for ID

Officers of the court acting in what they believe is a correct manner, when they are the very people that have been deceived as well.

Education is needed for everyone.

Where is the Magistrates papers to prove he is allowed to be there.


Published on 20 Nov 2013

After being refused entry to the courts for having a Camera in my bag, i was then removed from the court room for disrespecting the Magistrate for wearing a hat. After two arguments with the lackeys at the court house I finally take a stance before the Magistrate.

This Magistrate and SIX OTHERS have failed since March of 2013 to provide ANY FORM AT ALL of ID that they have the Lawful right to sit on the Bench.

Do you think our Magistrates should PROVE THEIR LAWFULNESS.

EDIT: PS I have been asked by a few people about BC on the See and BC on the Land.

I have TWO BIRTH CERTS (No not a long form and a cert), I have TWO NATIONALITIES from birth, two different countries, issued AT BIRTH. This is very unusual, and rare. Please dont ask how you get it done. YOU CANT ANYMORE.



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