Now we all knew that all his new laws and legislation were to hide what he has been doing in the background, just as he makes a lot of noise on one front, so we are too busy looking at what he wants us to see, while he is carrying on quietly with his real agenda in the background with less published acts of parliament, and deals he doesnt want people to notice. And now he is going further! 

Controversial changes to Queensland’s Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) are expected to pass parliament this week.

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie is likely to make a number of amendments to the bill, first introduced in March.

The legislation originally gave the government free rein to choose the CMC’s chair, removing the need for bipartisan approval.

But a parliamentary oversight committee is now expected to be given veto powers.

Premier Campbell Newman has previously conceded there are concerns about the CMC focusing primarily on organised crime.

He wants the legislation tweaked so there is equal emphasis with fighting corruption, adding debate on the CMC laws “should be coming forward” this week.

Changes to political donation laws, raising the minimum donation declaration threshold from $1000 to $12,400, could also be debated this week.

But the premier says cabinet is yet to make a decision.

The bill was due for debate earlier this year, but was postponed until the Electoral Commission Queensland investigated claims of intimidation at February’s Redcliffe by-election.

That report, which recommends banning canvassing at polling booths, was released on April 24.

“How we deal with that is still up in the air,” Mr Newman said.

“We have two choices, we hold back and bring everything together, or we bring forward the bill currently before the house, deal with that and then do some Redcliffe amendments subsequently.

“It may be the latter, but watch this space.”

So he will make puppets of this department too!
Ensuring that what he has been doing does not come to light so he does not cop any backlash.



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