Letter Received From Roads & Maritime Services Offering Arthur His Drivers License Back – LOL – 11th June 2013


Re: the Document below: He must PROVE that he is a criminal before he can act as the criminal and accept all fines dropped. They did the same thing to me, Magistrate PINDER (Joseph Nathan Pinder) claimed that he will drop all charges of “Driving without a Driver License and driving unregistered Cars” if I just accept to hold the QUEENSLAND DRIVER LICENSE in it’s currant standing and under the name that appears on such an instrument, [ha fucking ha!] NO WAY! the DRIVER LICENSE is the instrument that destroys your IDENTIFICATION as the “STATE OF QUEENSLAND” “Trust”, identified on your “Queensland BIRTH Certificate” and changes you into a foreign corporate citizen of the “foreign” “QUEENSLAND” (Trust) (Also identified on the Queensland Birth Certificate) that is registered to the UNITED STATES owned: COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA. The proof is with the “registered” “ABN” relating to “QUEENSLAND” and “QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT” registered as trading names only with ASIC, being the foreign: COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA… “QUEENSLAND” is not the: “STATE OF QUEENSLAND” and their SCAM is shedding light on the people of the real Queensland, that care about the future of our true: STATE OF QUEENSLAND company. STATE OF QUEENSLAND is the company that belongs to the birth right of Queensland People, but not if we have been deceived into being “Separated” from such a state!

QUEENSLAND Police, “forcing” any man that is no part of the “QUEENSLAND” Trust, to register property to the Queensland Government, or hold a so called” QUEENSLAND DRIVER LICENSE when he is not a COMMERCIAL DRIVER for the “Queensland Government” or “COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA registered entities”, is entering into serious crimes of Treason, Treachery and Piracy and if such an officer forces such men, against their Will, to hold any QUEENSLAND GOVERNMENT instruments, such serious criminal charges have no time limit.

QUEENSLAND is a false trust, evidenced by the EXTRACT OF LIVE BIRTH Certificate, (Holding no name of the Registrar General, where as the STATE OF QUEENSLAND does identify the registrar general as David John) and the QUEENSLAND Trust has violated every rule in the book in relation to it’s valid standing. That is why all Queensland Government officers (Magistrates, Police) are warned not to Identify their PERSONS because the commercial liability of the QUEENSLAND trust falls only on the heads of the Registered QUEENSLAND Citizens, (Electoral Roll and identified agents identified by such instruments as the DRIVER LICENSE) and no one else, meaning, it is your own personal property that is being held as surety for the now: $80-Billion Dollar QUEENSLAND Trust Debt now clocked up against “your” property by a foreign owned, fiction entity under the control of the privately owned: (Swiss) UNITED STATES FEDERAL RESERVE. Are you consenting to being robbed by very clever: White Color Criminals? …. Only You can answer that question.


Published by Love For Life
Arthur has been given an invitation to get back into “The System”. The State Debt Recovery Office has authorised RMS to lift the “:business restriction” placed upon it.
This is after receiving a form letter every six months or so suggesting he contact them to arrange payment of fines or to go to special days for serial non-payers of fines.
Now, they have given up and offering the olive branch, BUT what happens if Arthur accepts it?
He is once again making a claim to the name on the driver’s licence, that is the name on the birth certificate that puts him back under their authority.
If he accepts the driver’s licence, he is opening the doors to any further claims they may feel they have on him because he is no longer saying that the name is not his and that he makes no claims to or with it. Yes, there is no doubt a limit to the amount of time they will spend chasing fines but when you look at the amount of money they spent on sending large squads of police, detectives, sheriffs and tow trucks to our home to take the family car (see: Part One to Part Ten Fiona Cristian vs State Debt Recovery Office: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/6319 – it’s a lengthy read), to having squadrons of Police cars harassing Arthur at the Sheriffs auction in Sydney to all the administrative costs of chasing Arthur for payment of fines and trying to bind Fiona to it too, there have been many, tens of thousands of dollars spent on this measly matter. How many others are there out there writing letters, resisting the process, etc? How much money is spent on this each year? This is not about freedom, it is all about making us comply to and pay our slave masters. Why else do they go to so much trouble. They obviously don’t want a precedence set of anyone getting away with not paying fines. This is also all about continuing the trauma of life under “The System” and keeping us reacting to the trauma. For more on this, see: “The System” & Everything Of It IS Rooted In TRAUMA – Our Conditioned Reactions To TRAUMA Is What Constructs “The System” – 1st July 2013: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/8449. This is not to say that we have not paid a heavy price for our stance that being Arthur giving up ALL contracts with the “State” & “Commonwealth” leaving Fiona to carry the commercial weight of the family and Love For Life. Between 2006 and 2009 Arthur has given up and no longer uses bank accounts, credit cards, loans, rents, mortgages, medicare, government handouts as in Centerlink, insurance, drivers license, car registrations, passport, contracts with gas, electricity, local councils, voting-rights, telephone, internet, taxes, etc, and no longer performs commerce in “The System” as in getting a job, cash money or not. Arthur is completely out of “The System” living from the gifts received from others to help him with the Love For Life work he does. See: http://loveforlife.com.au/node/7500

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