Class Warfare- Rich get richer, poor slowly die… There is no Budget Debt. Not if the rich are treated correctly


Many pages have been written about the budget and as one bled into the next one thing became abundantly clear. It was about class warfare.

It was about who should pay in the long term for the necessary corrections to budget fiscal policy. Corrections that either side of politics would eventually have to make. There was no immediate budget crisis to correct in the short term. They were lying about it and the public to their credit didn’t take the bait. The conservatives had decided that the privileged would be protected. One example hidden deep within the labyrinth of the budget papers was that Private School funding would be quarantined from education cuts. There were many others like the School Chaplaincy program.

The cigar smoking toff, Jolly Joe, and the Prime Minister decided that it would be the poor and the middle class who should pay the price. Certainly not the wealthy.

“How on earth is it fair that a single mum with three kids is going to be $3000 a year worse off than someone on $300,000 a year who is being let off relatively lightly by paying $2400?’’

‘’The poorest 20 per cent of Australian families will pay $1.1 billion more into government coffers than the richest households as a result of the budget, highlighting the huge inequity in the government’s four-year blueprint for fiscal repair’’

They decided to hit the unemployed young and the old. Pensioners and the disabled, the sick and the poor. Work longer and if you haven’t a job get one they shouted without pointing out where the jobs are.
The media in general and the blogosphere in particular since budget day has been awash with examples of neo conservative inequality.
The point however is that if they had been prepared to put aside their ideology and govern for the common good things might have turned out differently. And they might have won over the public. Class warfare was more important.



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