Bleijie can’t blame others for his unconstitutional VLAD laws.

Bleijie can’t blame others for his unconstitutional VLAD laws.
New revelations show why Bleijie is not fit to continue as Attorney General. According to former Solicitor General Walter Sofronoff, Belijie is solely responsible for draconian parts of the VLAD laws. ,
Walter Sofronoff said today on ABC Radio while he accepted responsibility for creating the first part of the VLAD laws which allowed for proper judicial process, the Attorney General was solely responsible for second part of the VLAD laws which were not done to any standard of proof and included anyone who was an associate.
Mr Sofronoff said he had a “problem” with these laws that plucked definition very widely to include the children, parents, lawyers, caterers and anyone who had a drink with two or three others.
And we have all seen the result of these laws with people jailed and put in solitary confinement without proper bail conditions and zealouse police harassment of people riding bikes.
Walter Sofronoff also criticised the Attorney General’s “first choice” of candidate Judge Carmody for the job of Queensland Chief Justice. Bleijie appointed Carmody as Chief Magistrate with sole responsibility for the VLAD laws, taking decisions out of the hands of other Magistrates.
Mr Sofronoff said Judge Carmody was too close to the Newman Government .
“The person for Chief Justice should have the technical and professional expertise and the respect and support of the Bench and wider judiciary and be a leader among his or her peers, Judge Carmody is not that, he said.
The Attorney General has not yet announced who the new Chief Justice will be. Please share.

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