Newman Bullshit Blowout

Have you been keeping up to date with the amount of money that has been used by the Newman Government on wasteful bullshit!

With Blejies splurge  now released, Newman has cost the Queensland tax payers (to date) $900million (on these bullshit laws including VLAD), his buddy AG has splurged $245million!!!!

Bleijie’s crime crusade ‘costing millions’


Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie has introduced mandatory sentences for repeat child sex offenders and bikies, and has created a dedicated bikies-only jail at Woodford, north of Brisbane.

The opposition’s police spokesman Bill Byrne says the result has been a $245.3 million increase in the cost of running the prison service in just one year.

The prison population has also increased by more than 1000 to 7222 state wide – well beyond the 6832 permanent beds in Queensland jails.

Mr Byrne said assaults on prison officers had also skyrocketed, alongside prisoner-on-prisoner attacks.

“As the prison population has rocketed, so has the cost of looking after inmates, many of whom could have been punished and rehabilitated more effectively and more cost-efficiently with non-custodial sentences,” he said in a statement on Tuesday.

“As the number of inmates has ballooned to record levels, beyond the safe capacity, assault rates against corrective services staff have soared.”

Comment has been sought from Mr Bleijie.



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