ILLEGAL ACTS BY THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT:Royal Style and Titles Act 1973 Act No. 114 of 1973In 1973 a Foreign Government was formed under E G WHITLAM Passed and enacted in the Foreign Parliament by their own patron Queen Royal Style and Titles Act 1973 with NO land NO subjects NO authority and NO seal.

Absolutely NOTHING

ACTS INTERPRETATION ACT 1973 No. 79 of 1973.Deleted “Government of the commonwealth of Australia” Created “Australian Government” Corporation.Also created there own Gazette.Also removed other definitions such as “Parliament of the commonwealth of Australia” to be replaced by the corporation called “ Australian parliament”.Australian Citizenship Act 1973 Act No.99 of 1973 Removing the term “British Subjects” and thus changing and forcing “Australian Citizen” into there corporate Government with a seal of no authority.This took away our protection under the Queen by removing the term “British subjects”

DEATH PENALTY ABOLITION ACT 1973 No. 100, 1973To save themselves if ever convicted of TREASON if Caught. The crime of Treason is Death.Banking Act No. 2 1973 Act No. 193Therefore taking over the BanksLANDS ACQUISITION ACT 1973 No 208this gave them the right to take land whenever.Statute Law Revision Act 1973 No 216this Act took out “ of the Commonwealth” from all the Acts and Territories therefore taking over assets and destroying the Commonwealth, Making the Defense Force personal Mercenaries.

Banking Act 1974 Act No. 132 This Foreign Parliament of Australia them printed their own Money “Australia” with NO guarantee as “of the Commonwealth” has been removed and is not legal tender currency, is therefore counterfeit

GOVERNOR-GENERAL ACT 1974 No. 16The Governor General is now in the Foreign Parliament and doesn’t represent Her Most Excellent Majesty.

PARLIAMENT ACT 1974 No. 165An Act to determine the site of the New and Permanent Parliament House This is for their Foreign Parliament of Australia’s Parliament House.Australian Federal

Police Act 1979 Act No. 58This Foreign Parliament made their own police that represent the corporate fiction and not the people of the commonwealth.

High Court of Australia Act 1979 No. 137 They created there own High court of Australia.Judiciary Amendment Act No.2 1979 Act No. 138enacted by EG. Whitlam’s Queen of Australia a Statutory Instrument of NO Authority.

Evidence Amendment Act 1979 No. 139 of 1979enacted by EG. Whitlam’s Queen of Australia a Statutory Instrument of NO Authority.The Private Corrupt Corporate High Court of Australia with its own Judiciary Act and its own Evidence Act under the Australian Government and its Parliament of Australia NONE of which has Authority over the People of the Commonwealth under the “Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901”

Australia Act 1986 Act No. 142This Act was to bring the States into conformity with the Foreign Parliament of Australia and its patron inherited Queen.

Law and Justice Legislation Amendment Act 1988 No. 120which amended Section 80,replacing “common law of England” with “common law in Australia” of the Judiciary Act 1903 No 6. Therefore giving all rights and assets to the Foreign Parliament and Government of Australia by removing every right of the Peoples;.



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