Robina Detention Camp Gold Coast Queensland – Is It A New World Order Prison Camp Or Not? Investigation By Bonnie Horvath | Love for Life

Robina Detention Camp Gold Coast Queensland
Is It A New World Order Prison Camp Or Not?
Investigation By Bonnie Horvath

19th March 2011

Hi folks. I’m Bonnie from Ipswich, Queensland. I’m sorry I can’t put a photo of me here due to lack of megabytes.

Anyway, 2 weeks ago while doing some research on the internet about the new world order, etc, with the help of Yah I came across for the first time.

What caught my eyes was the photos of the strange, colourful, fenced area near Robina train station in Queensland posted on the website. So, on the 16th March 2011, I decided to visit it to check it out for myself to confirm if what I saw on is real.

I discovered it is real and so I walked around the entire perimeter of the fence-line in the hot sun and climbed through a steel fence and up a steep embankment with leftover razor wire on the ground at the rear of the compound to snap these photos. What I do for entertainment, huh? (joke) haha.

Here are 10 of the many photos I took with comments about my personal observations.

Approaching the camp. To the left out of the picture is Qld Health Robina Hospital and to the right out of the picture is Queensland Rail Robina train station. The large white building is Skilled Park Gold Coast Titans Football Club stadium.

Photo taken from Robina train station towards compound. In the center of the photo is some kind of raised steel platform. This is not a pedestrian overpass. From this platform people could have a bird’s eye view of the compound, 5 track lines and all incoming and outgoing trains. Also in the centre of the photo you may be able to see a large white shed without windows. This is inside the execution compound.

Ground level view from Queensland Rail Robina train station public car park of large white shed without windows inside execution compound. Notice the black chain wire fencing topped with barbed wire. This area is heavily fenced.

Ungated entrance to Robina Raptors football club sport ground adjacent to execution compound. The colourful mural fence can be seen behind an electricity substation.

Up close and personal with double razor wire and high fence. This is a view from Robina Raptors football club. The signs are a warning of live electricity, a no standing symbol (maybe they don’t want you to see it), a warning of a $3000 fine for trespassing (who would attempt to climb this wall and get through the razor wire since there is no visible equipment inside?) and a train symbol (where are the trains inside?). There are no standard maroon coloured QR logo signs anywhere on the perimeter to indicate this belongs to Queensland Rail. Security cameras face inside the compound.

Peek with me through the very strong steel fence. It’s hard to see but what can clearly be seen is the outside wall of Skilled Park stadium. What I saw inside this compound is several evenly spaced, short in length raised concrete platforms with concrete steps and steel hand-railings to ground level on either side of each platform, 2 rail lines with overhead electrical wires and grey gravel on the ground and a large white windowless shed at the entrance. There is no exit. There are no trains or any other visible equipment in this compound so why is such a high fence topped with double razor wire and CCTV cameras needed? What are the platforms for? Also there is no shelter from the weather.

Mudgeerabah Creek behind the compound. Chelmno and Sobibor execution camps in Poland during WW2 were also located near rivers.

Rear of site looking toward Queensland Rail Robina train station. Notice how this fence is different in structure. No pretty murals or strong steel here. This fence is topped with barbed wire but still has razor wire through it. Why is this necessary since it is also monitored by CCTV cameras? The fence is quite high and difficult to climb. Raised platforms with hand-railings to ground level are similar to inside execution compound. End of the line rail tracks. Notice the freshly painted yellow lines and pathways. The pathways are not in the direction of Skilled Park stadium, they are in the direction of the execution compound. If this is an area only to store trains, why are there platforms with pathways and yellow lines? This is a siding as can be seen quite separately from Robina train station.

A side view of the 5 end of the line tracks, platforms and pathways. In the background, the coloured mural compound wall can be seen. This area is monitored by CCTV cameras.

Close up of CCTV cameras and maybe loudspeakers? Cameras are facing inwards.


Bonnie Horvath

via Robina Detention Camp Gold Coast Queensland – Is It A New World Order Prison Camp Or Not? Investigation By Bonnie Horvath | Love for Life.


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