How an Ombudsman fails in their Duties

Assaulted by a Police Prosecutor within the Court house, i attempted to get CCTV from the courts and they refused to provide it, the Manager of the Courts actually telling me that they had cameras removed. I found a tender that stated that only months earlier the lighting had been improved and HD Cameras (58 of them) had been installed and the entire system improved for safety inside the court.

After the assault, and failure by Police, and the Courts i approached the Ombudsman here in the NT. It is now evident that the Ombudsman FAILS IN THEIR DUTY TO INVESTIGATE especially when they are advised of the evidence that exists. Under the Ombudsman Act that have every right to claim that CCTV Footage, and they are obligated under DUE DILIGENCE to investigate all concerns that are put to them.

What is very clear here, is that the CCTV WAS THE REASON that i had attended the Ombudsman, and that gave them evidence to actually do something.

What is even clearer now is, that they do as the Police ask of them, and they wont do their jobs and follow evidence.


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