Tony Abbott Confronted on the streets.

I ran into Tony leaving Parliament House and I thought I would give him a piece of my mind while we still have some freedom of speech in this country, while following him down the street. I said a few good things, a couple of stupid things and forgot to say a load of things and I didn’t lower myself to Tony’s foul mouthed comrade.

I did the same thing to Johnny Howard a couple of years ago, when I saw him walking down Martin Place. and gave him a bit more than Tony, while some big Polish looking bloke continually got between us. Unfortunately I didn’t film it.

Anyway I got arrested for it and police held me for about 50 minutes, while they sorted out 5 witness statements and finally contacted Johnny in the MLC Building, to see if he wanted to press charges against me.

He didn’t bother, I was given a ticket for disturbance or something, which was never followed up on and I was given a move on direction to immediately get out of the city or be arrested. Just like Tony, little Johnny didn’t say a word, he only looked me in the eye once and looked upset after relentlessly calling him a liar, Zionist puppet, war criminal and saying “shame”. Again there was so many things I forgot to say. I am bloody hopeless and my spur of the moment memory is shite.
So now fast forward, Tony Abbott is our Prime Minister, after the most corrupt Murdoch engineered election campaign I can remember. Now he has been in power for a few months he has shown himself to be a shocker with his total lack of transparency and accountability, He is Murdochs puppet and owes him big time and seems to have adopted his smug above the law attitude, treating all Australians with utter contempt (except Gina and the elite billionaires who control him now).

We are being treated like complete mugs the way he is breaking most of his election promises, showing us he blatantly lied saying anything he had to that would help him get into power and all along planned to break his election commitments down the track. Actions of a common thief – Shame – Now he is attacking our ABC, Medicare, our unions, he is supporting foreign corporations over Australian businesses, he brought in the South Korean free trade agreement, that was quickly jumped on by Holden to relocate there for the cheaper labour costs and greater profits.

How many more jobs will be lost by other businesses following suit wanting to increase there profits. The only way Australia can compete is by dramatically reducing our wages and conditions.

Is that what it is all about, maybe – Third world wages and conditions here we come. I am worried with Abbotts reckless shameful track record already in a brief amount of time I feel maybe I had better watch out for myself because he might consider me an enemy of the state ? after all considers our ABC to be hostile because they are doing a good job of journalism, like they should be exposing the truth and matters that are embarrassing to the LNP.

Tony expects our ABC to function like the Murdoch press, with cover ups and perform sub standard journalism to help out the LNP home team .Australians right to know doesn’t come into the equation because he seemingly has no respect for us. Is Tony Abbott a want to be totalitarian dictator who thinks it’s his right now he has the top job to be totally unaccountable. Abbott, Morrison, Pyne, Robb, … sure seems to be acting that way. WTF what the hell is going on here in Australia – I am very worried for our country.
Now the Libs want to bring in the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) which will sell out the rights of the individual and Australia’s sovereignty. The TPP gives corporations, bankers … unbridled power over our government and Australia’s best interests. The TPP will be the worst thing ever introduced in Australia’s history.
I want our political parties to become more moral, ethical and accountable to we the people, that they are supposed to represent. The Zionist bankers and Murdochs of this world, have fully corrupted our political and monetary system.

I want a political party that is prepared to take on the International bankers and abolish the RBA and replace it with State Banking Partnership like the model in North Dakota.

If we did this, we would have a future of peace and prosperity, instead of our current RBA causing never ending Debt, that will eventually bankrupt Australia.

The money changers, bankers need to be thrown out of business, for financial terrorism …… They want to bankrupt Australia, to force us to join their One World Government/currency NWO.

That’s why they want the Libs to take away the mining tax, so we have nothing in the bank, that’s why they are privatising all our State owned nest eggs, so we having nothing coming in to the coffers
I am not a racist I believe there is good and bad in every race, colour, species and profession and Cheers to all my Jewish heroes and all the good, moral and ethical Jews out there


2 thoughts on “Tony Abbott Confronted on the streets.

    • I have been thinking about this. After watching your video with all that screaming I decided I’d rather not reblog it. The screaming was too emotional to my liking and I did not like the way accusations were being made. I had been reading this post only once and thought the points that were being made were reasonable enough. But now after having heard what was supposedly screamed at Tony Abbott on the street, I have to say this sort of screaming is not to my liking.

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