Frances Abbott breaks silence on scholarship

Abbott’s Daughter makes me Sick.

The apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree ‪#‎auspol‬ ‪#‎ausvotes‬

Of course she is trying to put it behind her. The last thing the family wants is any more of the microscope on them and what they are doing. Just like this is meant to stop people looking at the other real issues.

Daddy has coached her well it seems. (check him out in the background……brrr..)

Pity members of his own party haven’t been done, or persecuted for doing worse than poor Freya.

But of course they are a protected species.. At the moment at least that is….


From observations she was given login details with the required credentials.

She either did not have one or was using someone else’s login that was given to her.

This particular login had credentials to see this information.

There was no hacking involved.

For her to steal a login she would have either had to install a key logger or a packet sniffing tool to monitor the network.

Windows has no such tools available by default and I highly doubt she would have had the know how for such things.

On instructions, the police have gone along with charging her with hacking, which is just plain wrong.

It’s gone all the way to the court like this.

This displays how lacking in knowledge in technology these people really have. They have done this fraudulently on instruction because of what she actually exposed.

Instead of the AFP investigating this fraud they have instead made up some bogus charge to silence a whistleblower.

This is purely a security protocol issue with the organisation, she obviously had no induction on such security protocols and clearly she had not signed a confidentiality agreement or it would have been reported as such.

Because she signed no agreement she is not obliged under contract to refrain from such information.


Prime Minister’s daughter says she’s trying to move on from scholarship scandal.

Frances Abbott (L) says she has forgiven her scholarship hacker.



Frances Abbott says she has forgiven the university student who revealed she received a $60,000 scholarship to study at the Whitehouse School of Design in an interview with The Australian.

Twenty-one year-old Freya Newman fronted court last month on hacking charges after allegedly accessing the prime minister’s daughter’s file while working at the design school.

The school’s decision to grant a scholarship to Ms Abbott was labelled as “beyond a joke” by other students.

• ‘Dear Frances Abbott’
• Frances Abbott scholarship leaker faces jail

Ms Abbott said she was trying to move on with her life in Melbourne in the wake of the incident.

“I guess in that situation I’m trying to move forward with everything, but it’s just one of those things. I wish Freya all the best and moving forward we all make ­mistakes,” Ms Abbott said.

“Obviously, she (Freya) acknowledged her mistake so ­moving forward, moving on.”

“To be honest, it’s just like as a small child you learn it’s not right to read someone’s diary,” she said.

“It’s not right to hack into ­anything. That’s all I’ve got to say on it.”

Ms Newman told a Sydney court it was a “sense of injustice” which motivated her to reveal Ms Abbott was a scholarship recipient.

After the incident, it was revealed Whitehouse Institute chairman Les Taylor was a Liberal Party donor and long-time friend of Tony Abbott.

And more

In Ms Abbott’s world, even a child would know it is never okay to peek at other people’s documents.

“To be honest, it’s just like as a small child you learn it’s not right to read someone’s diary,” she said.

Unless of course you are a Liberal politician.

…Former Howard government minister Mal Broughadmitted to 60 Minutes that he told a senior parliamentary employee to steal information from the diary of the Speaker of Parliament. We know this saga better by the names of those involved – James Ashby and Peter Slipper.

Of course, Mr Brough had a reasonable excuse. He believed Mr Slipper “had committed a crime” and “was defrauding the Commonwealth”.

This is almost the exact argument used by Ms Newman’s barrister when he argued against jail time for his client. In October, Anthony Payne SC told a Sydney court that Ms Newman sincerely believed she was acting in the public interest.

“A sense of injustice motivated Ms Newman, not greed or a desire for notoriety or to embarrass Ms Abbott,” Mr Payne said, as quoted by Fairfax Media.

The huge difference is that the powerful politician has escaped a full investigation, whereas on November 25 the young woman could be jailed.

If Whitehouse were a public institution, Ms Newman might have been protected under whistleblower legislation – not that this is likely to have changed Ms Abbott’s mind.

Brave whistleblowers like Ms Newman are integral to our democracy because it is fanciful to expect the rich and powerful to always scrupulously police themselves. When they fail, we have things like ICAC and whistleblowers to fall back on.

Mr Abbott had the opportunity to declare his daughter’s scholarship on his pecuniary interests register, but chose not to.

Both Tony Abbott and Whitehouse have insisted the scholarship was based on merit, despite never publicly congratulating its recipient on earning a scholarship awarded for only the second time in the private college’s 26-year history.,%20Abbott%20mugged%20by%20reality&utm_medium=Top%20Stories&utm_campaign=Top%20Stories


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