Man Confronts Cop On The Legal Name Crown Copyright Fraud (Footage) Australia

This is in Australia Pay close attention…

Pay attention to all of it, including where the cop says he got the record of the man’s Name and “rego”, MARITIME SERVICES… 8:30

It’s all about maritime law, not law of the land.

The  Police also tries to tell him that he cannot use the recording for any purposes or share it with the public.

Joe Knowbody Confronts Cop On The Legal Name Crown Copyright Fraud Joe Knowbody’s youtube…
Share Away People.
Post script
Joe Knowbody needs to practice asserting his common law rights too.. He is making many mistakes especially in his wording.
He also needs to stop answering questions..
The master asks questions and the slave answers..
He is not a driver (drivers engage in commerce), he is a traveller..and stating that Joe is not allowed to use that recording… what a joke.
Joe should ask the cop under what law and authority he is acting. “Officer, for and on the record, your objection has been noted, thank-you, however I claim and observe the right to record this conversation for my record, if there is a law that prohibits me from doing so please state it now” (THERE IS NO SUCH LAW).
Its pertinent to state clearly that you do not wish to engage in the transaction of a security interest (he cant issue a ticket after this and if he does he is compelling you to perform without consent so you can immediately state that you are now under protest and duress. GET THAT ON THE RECORD.
you can also ask them if they are willing to claim under oath, penalty of perjury in the form of a sworn attested affidavit upon their full commercial liability that you have an obligation to beg for a drivers license or register your privately owned automobile (its not a motor-vehicle until its registered) and thus they have no claim since its not the property of the crown until you register.
But good on ya Joe… you performed well enough to get away unscathed. but next time, he will be ready and have a bum buddy with him too.. Peter J Britten..

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