Justice in the courts today is no Justice for victims at all. An unbelievable case story.

In Brisbane Magistrates Court today, a case was finally before the Magistrate. This matter had taken over 3 years to get to court. Why you may ask? That begs a very good question of which there are many unanswered question with everything that has gone on with this one matter.

The Defendant was a Mr Jayson Scott Taylor, who was charged with Assault Occasioning Bodily Harm. He is an ex military member of the RAAF at Amberley. He was a sergeant there at the time of the incident, and the incident started on the base.

There was a plea deal done and the defendant pleaded guilty to Common Assault, and was sentenced to a 6 months good behaviour bond with a surety of $650. And that was it. The victim was not asked or had even spoken to the Police Prosecutor, even though they had requested a call from him on numerous occasions. Paperwork, reports and files along with updated affidavits were not obtained from the witnesses or the victims, despite their requests for police to take them.

Unbelievable isn’t it. This is one of the very reasons that society has gone the way it has. There are no consequence to anyone’s action, and victims are left to suffer and struggle in years of pain, given no validation or even an apology. It would seem like it is another great cover up story, or could it be that the victims identified as Indigenous?

But lets get into the details of the entire case as it is a story in itself.

To be Continued…


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