Calling for a Medical Kidnapping Smackdown

With Big Pharmaceuticals giving doctors incentives for using their drugs are we suprised by this. I expect to see more cases like this in the future and in Australia.

There is alot of evidence that real food diets such as GAPS and even Paleo do work and do help.
We have record highs of children with allergies to food.


Is it because our food is so tampered with, altered, processed and chemically sprayed?

Is it the vaccines and the way certain ones are wheat and egg based and even worse?

Levi Quackenboss

Many of you have been following the ongoing medical kidnapping attempt of a seven-year-old little girl named Kennedy Willey at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, California. There is a whole back-story on how she came to have seizures as a toddler. Click here to read her mother’s Mommypotamus interview in better days.

kennedy wakes

I have known Kennedy’s mother, Dawn, for a couple of years now and I met her whole family earlier this year on my way through Southern California. Kennedy’s parents are two of my favorite parents of all-time. They are mother-effing warriors, I tell you.  We should all aspire to be so strong.

They have worked very hard to manage their daughter’s seizure disorder without pharmaceutical drugs (which were failing her) by providing her with the healthiest, most nutritious foods available. They have left their home state to allow Kennedy to live on the water where allergy pollen is…

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Man Murders Woman 2015

It has to stop.

How many women will continue to be murdered before the government truly does something. 2 a week is a shocking statistic!


if it was males being killed weekly the laws would already have been changed. Just like it did with the one punch and king hit  laws.

Women murdered and missing by known or suspected Male Violence Australia 2015

Male pattern violence against women is the problem – CountingDeadWomen

#CountingDeadWomen #MVAW #OneEveryThreeDays

April 29

33/ – 51 year old woman, died this morning after two days on life support from being severely beaten by her male partner, 46, on the morning of April 27, her injuries included head trauma, serious facial bruising and a collapsed lung. He was charged on Monday with assault occasioning grievous harm. A police spokesman has said “further charges will be laid“.

April 25

32/ – 18 year old woman, died from serious injuries allegedly inflicted by her male partner, 22, who was arrested at the scene and charged with her murder and for three outstanding warrants, Brewarrina, NSW. A crime scene was set up and investigated by specialist forensic officers, who have now established Strike Force Goninan to investigate the matter. Police called her murder an “alleged domestic violence incident”

April 22

31/ – 35 year old Daniella D’Addario has been identified (April 24) as thewoman police found in the boot of a car matching her car’s description April 23 NSW Police arrested her current male partner Josaia ‘Joey’ Vosikata, 27, from Bruce, who is believed to have fled the car in which officers later found the body of Daniela D’Addario. He has now been formally charged in the ACT Magistrates Court with her murder [April 20 *Missing – 35 year old Daniella D’Addario and her partner Josaia Vosikata, 27, reported missing by family who are concerned about no contact. Police said the couple could be in the Bermagui area and travelling in Ms D’Addario’s silver or light blue Hyundai Getz, with ACT registration YEF19M and have called for the couple to make contact.]

April 15

*Missing – 48 year old Karen Rae last seen leaving her home in the evening in the company of a man named Tony Smith, Frankston North, Victoria. Police believe the pair drove away from Karen’s home in a black Commodore station wagon. Karen has not made contact with any of her friends or family since that time. Description and photo available.

April 9 

30/ – 48 year old Julie Hutchinson, reported missing by her sister on April 9, last seen March 7, Condon, Townsville, QLD. Her husband, Michael Hutchinson, 47, was arrested for questioning. April 13: Hutchinson has been charged with her murder, he was also charged with interfering with her corpse. Police are stillsearching for her body. [Det Insp Nixon said “Unfortunately, yesterday the investigation changed focus and is one where we now have a homicide investigation and where we believe the missing person is deceased”. “Following the investigation that we conducted a male person, the 47-year-old husband of Julie, has been arrested and is presently in police custody.”]

April 5

29/ – 26 year old Stephanie Scott, Leeton, Griffith, NSW. Vincent Stanford, 24, has been arrested and charged with her murder after photos were found on his phone of a burnt body and blood was found in his uteTwo crime scenes have been established. – April 10: police have found remains of a female body in a national park near Leeton. April 11: remains have now been formally identified as Stephanie Scott. Stanford, was a cleaner at the school where Stephanie worked and was last seen. It is understood she was planning lessons that would be taught while she was on her honeymoon. [*Missing – 26 year old Stephanie Scott,  last seen at her workplace on Myrtle Street, about 11am, Griffith, NSW. Police hold concerns for Ms Scott’s welfare as her disappearance is reported to be out of character.]

– “Mr Stanford maintained a secret online life, hiding behind fantasy characters toindulge his obsession with computer games, violent videos and neo-Nazi propaganda.”

March 31

*Missing – 31 year old Shelley Ann Munro, last seen 8pm at an address in Hosanna Place, Camira area, Ipswich QLD. She was driving an orange Hyundai Veloster hatchback with Queensland registration number, 685-TNF. Description available.

March 30

28/ – 45 year old Salwa Haydar, stabbed to death, non-life threatening woundsinflicted on her 18 year old daughter, South Sydney, NSW. Her husband, Haydar Haydar, 58, has been charged with her murder and wounding with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm.

Police called this murder a “domestic dispute at the home” when giving a statement to the media. This is male violence and murder, not a “domestic dispute”. Support Reclaim The Night Perth in their #mysteryismisogyny campaign calling for responsible reporting of male violence against womenHERE.

March 29

27/ – 32 year old woman, died on arrival at hospital with critical stab wounds to her leg, Alice springs, NT. Her male partner, 37, was at the scene when police arrived and has been remanded in custody in relation to her murder.

– He has been charged with breach of domestic violence order.

*Missing – 58 year old Lillian Blades, last seen at a convenience store on Raglan Street, Waterloo, 28th or 29th of March, NSW. Family reported her missing on the 31st, with concerns for her welfare given she requires regular medical treatment for an ongoing condition. Police have conducted searches but have not been able to locate her. Description available.

March 27

*Missing – 15 year old Britnie Lockyer, last seen at home on march 25, last heard from March 27 by phone. Police and her family are concerned for her welfare. Description and pictures available.

March 22

26/ – 32 year old June Wallis found dead at her home, police believe her death was a homicide, Howard, Queensland. Her husband, Nathan Peter Norman Greenfield, 34, who is believed to have fled the scene of her murder with a female child, has been charged by police with her murder after they intercepted his car by deflating his tires at a road block. The female child was not physically hurt.

March 17

25/ – 17 year old Masa Vukotic, stabbed to death in a park. Detective Inspector Michael Hughes said she had just left her home, “This is part of her routine, she’s been walking daily”. Doncaster, Melbourne. “Neighbours heard screaming and saw a man fleeing the scene”. Sean Christian Price, 31, of Albion, was charged with murder in a five-minute hearing. He also was charged with rape, three assaults and two robberies which police alleged he committed before surrendering to them at 11.30am on Thursday.

He had prior rape convictions.

March 16

24/ – 28 year old Sabah Al Mdwaliat, “suffered critical head injuries and also had a number of stab wounds“, Gordon, ACT. Her husband, Maged Mohommed Ahmed Al-Harazi, 34, has been formally charged by police for stabbing her to death, it is alleged he used an edged weapon to attack her.

*Missing – 27 year old Sarah Dunlop, last seen at the Mandurah Train Station, perth. She took a vehicle to the train station and has not been seen since. The vehicle was left unattended. Grave concerns for her welfare, description available.Friends and family plea for information.

March 15

23/ – 27 year old Jackie Ohide, police are treating her suspicious death, the cause at this stage unknown, as domestic violence, Adelaide, SA. Her male partner Toby Awatere, 34, faces court charged with her murderThe Advertiser was told by a neighbour that she heard “bloodcurdling screams” at 4am. The woman’s two children, aged 7 and 2 & a 1/2, found her in a parked car and sounded the horn alerting neighbours. The car has been seized by police to undertake further analysis.

March 14

22/ – 55 year old Sharon Edwards disappearance has been upgraded to a murder investigation with the involvement of the State Homicide Squad. – *55 year old Sharon Edwards missing. Police have completed forensic examinations at three premises of last known whereabouts and also a diver search of the Clarence River. Last person to see her was her husband at 11pm. Please contact the police if you have any information. *March 27 – family’s plea for information.

March 13

21/ – Woman found at her home, suspected murder, Forrestfield, Perth. Her malepartner was arrested at the scene and is being questioned by detectives. Limited information.

March 10

20/ – 55 year old Angela Rose MacKinnon, cause of her suspected murder is at this time unknown, her 19 year old son, who called 000, is in a serious condition with stab wounds, Gidgegannup, Perth. 42 year old John Michael MacKinnon, her brother, has been charged by detectives with her murder and the attempted murder of her son.

March 7

19/ – 41 year old Prabha Arun Kumar, fatally stabbed several times in her neck walking home from work, Parramatta, NSW. It is believed she was on the phone to her husband at the time, when she reportedly said a suspicious-looking man was following her. Her husband has arrived from India. Police appeal for more information after releasing CCTV footage.

March 1

18/ – 27 year old Kris-Deann Sharpley, heavily pregnant, and her 7 year old son Jackson, believed to have been murdered by her  52 year old  father, Derek Sharpley, who was also found dead at the scene, currently being treated as a murder-suicide, Toowoomba, QLD.  “This is a terrible situation that has claimed the lives of a woman and her son”. “I must stress that we are in the early stages of our investigation however it would appear that two of the deaths are suspicious and the death of the man is non suspicious,” Detective Inspector David Isherwood.

February 28

17/ – 22 year old Dianne Chi stabbed to death, then locked in the boot of a car and driven to the Otway Ranges, Victoria. Her murderer and current partnerPaul Pham, 20, then killed himself. Police are treating this as a murder-suicide.

16/- 28 year old Tara Costigan, Calwell, ACT. Ex-partner Marcus Rappel has been charged with her murder. It is alleged he forced his way into the apartment,killed Tara Costigan, inflicted grievous bodily harm on a second woman, and seriously assaulted a man in the same attack. Police discovered Ms Costigan with asevere head trauma and an axe left lying next to her.

– There was an interim domestic violence order against Rappel.

February 16

15/ – 55 year old Ainur Ismagul, Klemzig, Adelaide. Her husband Serik Eliby, 53, has been charged with her murder and remanded in custody.

February 12

14/ – 36 year old woman, Broome, Western Australia, unnamed for cultural reasons. Believed she was the victim of an assault left to die. 39 year old George Thomas Walker has been charged over her death and remanded in custody.

February 11

13/ – 44 year old Kerry Michael found dead, From South Australia. Her husband, Robin Michael has been charged for her murder in Tasmania. Bail has beenrefused. Police said a post-mortem had confirmed she had suffered head trauma.

February 7

12/ – 41 year old Traci O’Sullivan, Frankston North, Victoria. Found dead with possible stab wounds, detectives confirmed she was assaulted, cause of death has not been released. No sign of forced entry suggests it was someone known to her. CCTV footage has been released by police. Her ex husband is not a suspect. “While police do not have a motive for her death, her use of online dating websites was being investigated”. Detective Senior Sergeant Stuart Bailey said “It could have been someone she met on a dating website, perhaps has come to meet her on that particular day”.

11/ – 39 year old Adelle Collins, Ningi, near Brisbane, QLD. Allegedly stabbed to death by her ex-partner  45-year-old Steven Storie. He has been charged with her murder.

– Ms Collins had sought protection from Mr Storie and was attempting to tighten restrictions on him to keep her family safe.

February 2

10/ – 34 year old Fabiana Palhares, who was pregnant, Varsity Lakes, QLD. Allegedly beaten to death with a tomahawk. Ex-partner Brock Wall, has been remanded in custody and charged with murdering the mother of his unborn child, and breaching a domestic violence order. He could also be charged with killing his unborn child.

– History of domestic violence known to police, DVO in place.

January 26

9/ – 50 year old woman, Dianella, Perth. Believed to have been murdered by her 50 year old husband before he killed himself. Her cause of death believed to be a head injury. He was a former police officer. Limited information.

January 23

8/ – A 50 year old woman died after being located unconscious in a unit at Botany, NSW. She had severe bruising on the left side of her face and neck and a substantial bruise on her right thigh. Police said early inquiries indicate her death is suspicious. One woman claims to have heard yelling during the night. Limited information.

January 21 

7/ – 39 year old Renee Carter and her new partner 43 year old Corey Croft,  Coomera, QLD. Ex-partner Christopher Robert Carter, 36, stabbed them both to death and has been charged with two counts of murder. Renee’s 5 year old sonwas left alone with his murdered mother and her partner until found by his aunty almost 24 hours later.

January 19

6/ – 57-year-old woman found deceased in her bed, Vineyard, NSW. A crime scene was established and inquiries continue. Limited information.

January 17

5/ – 26 year old Leila Alavi, Sydney NSW. Her ex-partner, Mokhtar Hosseiniamraei, 33, is alleged to have stabbed her to death with a pair of scissors in a car park. He was arrested and charged with her murder.

– Also charged with contravening a restriction in an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO).

4/ – Yet to be Identified 29-year-old woman found dead in Melbourne apartment. Man in neighbouring apartment heard screaming.  A 38-year-old man from Docklands has been arrested and since released pending further inquiries.

January 9

3/ – 23-year-old Nikita Chawla, Brunswick West, Melbourne. Husband Parminder Singh, 29, arrested and charged with her murder. Prosecutors told Melbourne Magistrates Court that Singh stabbed his wife because he thought she was having an affair.

January 2

2/ – 44 year old Rinabel Tiglao, died after leaping from a moving vehicle in fear of her life, Middlemount, QLD. Shane Archibald Dickson, 35, has been charged with her murder and remanded in custody.

January 1

1/ –  25 year old Ting Fang, from China living in Sydney. 27 year old man Chunguang Piao arrested for her murder, allegedly stabbing her throat in an Adelaide hotel. Insp Hutchins said there were “signs of ­violence which made it quite clear we were dealing with a murder”.

#countingdeadwomen began in 2012 in the UK when Karen Ingala Smith just started counting,

“and once I’d started, I couldn’t stop. Since then, I’ve counted over 366 women killed through suspected male violence…. I want us to stop seeing the killings of women by men as isolated incidents, to put them together and to see the connections and patterns”. Karen Ingala Smith

NSW Police Media Release Archives  Here

Western Australia Police online news Here

South Australia Police news Here

Queensland Police Service media unit Here

Victoria Police News Here

Northern Territory Police Here

Tasmanian Police Here

“When we remember the deaths of women from male violence, we must remember that most deaths of the prostituted go unrecorded and therefore unreported. It is thought that prostituted women are about 40 times more likely to die a violent death than women of similar age and background. Many prostituted women die before the age of 27, far too many. Every exited woman lives with knowing prostituted women who have just disappeared or been murdered, that is what gives us the will to fight for abolition.” Rebecca Mott

Melissa Farley research Here


Do you need help or want to report male violence? please contact:

If you are feeling unsafe right NOW, call 000

3months countingdeadwomen

Man Murders Woman 2015.

A call for Pro-truth to replace Pro-Vax v Anti-Vax

Freedom of hoice is something that should not be removed from parents. If the Government is making or coercing parents into doing what they do not agree with this is not consent. I have not heard from the government on where they stand on children who have adverse reactions that are forced to have injections because they do not currently have a medical exemption or a religious one, especially since it is only 1 religious group that had previously applied for this… Big guess on which one that may be?

Ura on Stewardship

Viral Vaccination Post

I shared some thoughts on Facebook last night and had my first taste after years as an active social media user of ‘going viral’. As I write there have been 1,463 shares and 1310 likes.

The subject was vaccination. It can be a viral subject, but it can be very ugly too, generally with discussion strings getting quite insulting and with most participants either pro-vax, or anti-vax and with the people in between keeping out of the line of fire.


My Vaccination Position : Pro-Truth

My position on vaccination is pro-data, and pro-truth.

Vaccination is not an issue that is purely black or white.

The subject in my experience get lots of misinformation pumped in from both sides of the argument.

It is a subject to which I bring quite deep industry experience having worked as a senior commercial executive in medical science for 12 years and…

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Martin Place Seige demands. 3 Bombs in place- kept out of the media
Government Authorities across the world are being forced to make the choice between Social Cohesion or Democracy everyday.
Current “thinking” on social cohesion believes that “if the majority would only be nice to Muslims they wouldn’t be forced to radicalise”. We say this tongue-in-cheek yet, we are now witnessing the play out of this ridiculous thinking even in Australia.
None of our media reported that the Martin Place terrorist had 3 bombs planted around the city. This information was relayed by each of the victims on videos but not reported by any of our media.
Now we have a suspected Muslim convert committing a 9/11 to a German airline—Germany the home of PEDIGA anti-Muslim Rallies. So does the German government report the facts in this case and risk a social backlash or do they squash the media and sweep it under the carpet with a believable story to preserve peace.
A democracy without truth as its vanguard is no longer a democracy.
Our Western governments need to start dealing with the cause and not keep covering up the symptoms. Political correctness is literally killing our democracy. We have to be big enough as a nation to accept and deal with the truth, no matter the consequences. 1000 children in the UK had to bear the burden of the political correctness of the police and government agencies for years before the violence of their ‘culturally sensitive’ Muslim rape gang perpetrators was brought out into the open and addressed.
Democracy ceases to exist when its people stop believing the words of its Government. It is the onus of the Government to remain true to its people.
(We apologise for any trauma this may bring up but we need you hear what was omitted from media reports.—0.26 sec mark)


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